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Hybrid Cleansing, Cleanse Prep & Food Allergies!

Posted by Amir Mostafavi on

So you want to do a cleanse... But you just can't stand the thought of having nothing to chew on for 3 days! You don't have to be HANGRY (hungry + angry)!  It's coooool.... There is no one way to cleanse.... You can have your cleanse and eat it too! The whole point is to flood your body with alkaline rich foods and reset your system. This can still be achieved if you decide you need a little bite between juices... Just make sure you grab something RAW! Our new Chia Puddings, Overnight Oats and Caveman Balls (raw energy balls) are the perfect add-on for those in need of a little nosh between juices. Grab some raw food when you pick up your cleanse at our new Juice Co location next to out cafe in Clarendon!  These are also great for your pre and post cleanse diet! We can not stress the importance of preparing your body for a juice cleanse. Just as importantly is how you come off your cleanse. You need to slowly reintroduce foods into your system.  This is also a great opportunity for you to test for food allergies. Since you'll be starting with a "clean slate" you can try adding foods with gluten, dairy etc. little by little to see how your body reacts. Check out our Cleanse Guide for more info on what we recommend before you jump into a cleanse! Your 3 Day cleanse should really be a 9 day process... 3 days pre cleanse + 3 days cleanse + 3 days post cleanse = a path to a healthier lifestyle!

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