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Local Roots

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Amir, founder of South Block Co. & local pioneer in bringing cold pressed juice, smoothies & acai bowls to the DC area, first fell in love with juicing while soaking up the rays on a trip to Southern California back in 1998. But it wasn’t just any juice that Amir fell in love with; no, that would be a short-lived story fellow juicers. It was the fresh, healthful, and sustainable high-quality ingredients that he found while in California that he drew inspiration from. After jet-setting back east, Amir was unable to find that same freshness & good vibes in DC and that was when he knew that it was time to bring the juice revolution to his own backyard. 

In 2004 Amir opened his first juice bar, called Campus Fresh, at George Washington University inside the Lerner Health & Wellness Center. Soon he discovered that customers were coming inside the gym, to buy his juice, smoothies and acai bowls because they had heard about how amazing these "hidden smoothies" were. It was then that he knew he had to bring his juice bar to the masses. In 2011 the very first South Block opened in Clarendon, VA...  just "South" of the "main" drag... on the then sleepy "South Block" side of the neighborhood. Amir knew that if he offered an awesome product and spread good vibes... that the community would soon discover "South Block"!

The idea of South Block was simple, small changes could have big impacts in a community. South Block's mission is to build "healthier" communities, one block at a time!