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Cleanse 101

A juice cleanse is not a diet, it's a path to a healthier lifestyle!


Juice Cleanse

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The "Legendary" South Block Juice Cleanse

Our Juice Cleanse is like a little mini-vacation for your body…in a bottle. A juice cleanse is a completely safe and natural way to give your body necessary nutrients while at the same time giving your digestive system a much needed break.

In as little as a day, you can flood your body with more vitamins and nutrients than you would normally consume in an entire month!

Why cleanse?

Over time, foreign chemicals and heavy metals from food, the environment, and skin care products can build up in our bodies. A cleanse is a great way to flush out these toxins while also providing additional benefits such as

  • jump starting a healthier lifestyle.
  • preventative medicine. 
  • get alkaline! our blood tends to be more acidic due to the nature of our diets and foods we consume on a regular basis. when your blood is acidic it is more likely to carry germs and disease. the way to combat this is through high alkaline foods. our juices are loaded with alkaline rich foods like cucumber, spinach and kale. a juice cleanse will flush out toxins and help balance your blood and make you more alkaline...keeping you healthy and strong!
  • reducing cravings for sugar and processed food, which may lead to weight loss and an overall positive well-being.
  • clearer skin and increased energy levels.
  • after your cleanse, slowly re-introduce foods, such as gluten and dairy to see how your body reacts. great way to test for allergies of food sensitivities. 

Pre Cleanse Preparation {3 Days}

For the best results, we recommend that you prepare for your cleanse three days in advance by doing the following:

  • Hydrate—try to drink about a half a gallon of filtered water per day.
    Or try filling your empty juice bottle up with water and drink a bottle of water between each juice!
  • Avoid:
    • Dairy and egg products
    • Meat and chicken (all poultry)
    • Fish/seafood (including sushi)
    • Processed sugar
    • Wheat
    • Caffeine
    • Alcohol
    • Nicotine

Try to stick with steamed vegetables, salads, and fresh fruit. This precleanse is important because it helps to minimize some of the detox symptoms (e.g. headaches, light-headedness) that you may experience during the actual cleanse.

During the Cleanse 

You will drink six juices each day for three days (one day if doing a one day cleanse) in place of your meals. Space your juices out about two hours apart, drink plenty of water, and get lots of rest. You can also drink decaf herbal tea to help comfort your stomach.

When you allow your body to properly cleanse, you are releasing toxins that have sometimes been stored up for years. To make sure you remove them from your system, we recommend the following:

  • Sweat that stuff out! Take a sauna steam or even a hot bath.
  • Exercise. Don’t go crazy but taking a vigorous walk, yoga or lifting weights can help to flush out the bad stuff.
  • Get a massage. It helps release toxins...and hey, you deserve it!

After the Cleanse {3 days}

The way in which you end a cleanse is just as important as what you do before and during it. Your body needs to be slowly re-introduced to solid foods. Remember that a cleanse is not just the time that you’re juicing, it’s the whole process. Please don’t rush out and cram yourself with the very stuff you just worked so hard to eliminate. Here’s how to ease back into your regular routine:

  • Day 1 – start nice and slow with green smoothies, chia pudding, vegan soups etc. Drink plenty of water. 

  • Day 2 – add some steamed vegetables, acai bowls and raw salads. 
  • Day 3 – add whole grains back into your diet such as brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and, of course, plenty of fresh veggies. 
  • Day 4 – Continue to slowly re-introduce whole foods. KEEP INCORPORATING JUICE INTO YOUR DAILY DIET!

*Please consult your doctor before starting a juice cleanse.

**NOTICE: South Block is NOT a Medical Doctor; We do NOT practice medicine; We do NOT give medical advice; This is not medical Advice; South Block is not licensed to practice Medicine; South Block is not a Medical Doctor; If you need Medical advice please seek out professional Medical Doctor; Nothing on this website shall be construed as Medical Advice. DISCLAIMER: It is advisable to seek professional [medical] advice prior to initiating any new regimen. South Block is not a medical organization and South Block nor its employees and/or staff can give any medical advice or diagnosis. Any/All information garnered from South Block shall not be interpreted as a substitute for a medical advice or a Doctor’s consultation, evaluation, or treatment.