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Do you deliver your juices?

No. We have several convenient locations for you to pick up your juice! South Block Juice Co. locations 

What is Cold Pressed Juice?
Cold Pressed juice is a method of juicing that uses a hydraulic juice press, as opposed to a high speed blade. Cold pressing minimizes oxidation and yields 3-5 times the nutrients of an average home juicer.

Because the cold-pressed method does not generate the heat and oxidation that the centrifugal blade juicing method does, fewer nutrients and enzymes are killed.  Plus, you will notice a difference in taste. Cold pressed tastes crisper and cleaner.

Where do you make your juice?
At our Micro Juicery in East Falls Church, VA. Feel free to come by, you can see through the windows and take a look at our juicers in action! We want to to see the quality and care we put into making our juices. 

Why plastic bottles instead of glass?
Like many of you, initially we thought that glass would be more ecologically sound. After much research, we came to the conclusion that that was not the case for our type of business. Glass consumes nearly twice as much energy to produce as plastic. Also, glass is more difficult for our customers to carry. Glass is great if you reuse them, but let's be real... how many glass bottles can you actually turn into vases around your house. There comes a point where the bottles are thrown out or recycled... which consumes more energy than recycling plastic. If we asked you to return them, we would need to wash and sanitize each bottle to be able to reuse to sell juice to the public. This would require us to use a lot of water and electricity, at the end of the day this would out weigh the benefits of using glass. Our plastic bottles are BPA free and recyclable. In the long run, it is better if you just recycle our bottles. RECYCLE THEM PLEASE! (or reuse... after all, who says you can't use a plastic bottle for a nice vase!) 

What’s a juice cleanse and how do I get started?
A juice cleanse is a completely safe and natural way to give your body the necessary nutrients while at the same time giving your digestive system a much needed break. Read more about juice cleansing here.

How long does your juice last?
Our juices are raw & unpasteurized intentionally to maintain the highest possible nutritional value. They have a max shelf life of 5 days...but are best if you drink them within 3! You should be prepared to start your juice cleanse the day you pick up or the next day.  After opening your juice, please drink within 24 hours.

Where Can I Buy Juices?
You can order them online or pick up your juices at South Block Juice Co. locationsAlthough walk-in cleanses are welcome, we can not guarantee all the juices you need will be in stock... we suggest that you order your cleanse online so we can make all of your juices just for you! Be sure to place your cleanse order at least 3 days in advance.  

Can you come to our event?
Contact us to inquire!

Is it safe to cleanse while taking medications?
Please consult your doctor.

Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, but when you are done breastfeeding, juice cleansing is a great way to replenish you body with nutrients and get back on track!

Will a juice cleanse help me lose weight?
Yes & No. During the cleanse you will most likely lose some weight. But, it will likely return once you start eating solids again. However, cleansing is a great way to change you eating habits and new healthier habits could result in long term weight lose. Your ultimate gold in cleaning should be to improve your overall health... not to lose weight. 

How many calories are in your juice cleanse?
We do not believe counting calories here at South Block, not all calories are created equal. (i.e. a 100 calorie hotdog is much different than 100 calories in kale) Rather, we believe in counting quality of ingredients you consume. However, we get that some people care... So a days cleanse is about 1200-1300 calories. 

Will I get enough calories in a day?
Our cleanses are packed with a ton of nutrients to keep you thriving throughout the day!  Every person is different. It is important that you listen to your body and do what us best for you. You can always add additional juices or grab a handful of nuts or some raw veggies if you feel you need it.

I'm HANGRY! What if I feel I need more calories in a day than the juice cleanse provides?
If you tend to be very active and are concerned you are not getting enough calories in a day with your cleanse, we recommend adding an additional 6 pack of juice to your cleanse. Try adding some extra Caveman Mylk and have one in the morning before your first juice.

I have allergies, can I customize my cleanse?
Yes, we can change up the juices in your cleanse, but not the ingredients in a juice. Just let us know what substations you would like to make in the comments section when you are ordering your cleanse.
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