South Block Juice Co.

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Our Mission

Building Healthier Communities...

One Block at a Time!

Founded in 2011, South Block is on a mission to build healthier communities one “Block” at a time. We are locally grown... built for the community... by the community! Although we sell killer smoothies, juices and acai bowls… our real passion is to create experiences and to make people feel awesome! We believe that in order to build healthier communities you need to not only offer healthier food… but we need to spread love and passion that will help raise the vibe in our communities. Let’s be kind to ourselves and to each other.  This is really why we exist… the smoothies, acai bowls and juices just happen to be what we sell… but we are in the business of spreading good vibes!

The name South Block was born based on a simple belief... 
that small changes can have BIG IMPACTS!

Start making changes with you, your Block, your community, and watch the world around you change!